Integrated Moblity Centre

Main goal of this measure is the installation of the Integrated Mobility Centre (IMC) on the intersection of the Joštova and Česká Streets. This intersection is situated next to the historical centre of the city of Brno. This place is not only very valuable public space but also one of the most important junction points of public transportation in the city. There is a transition point for eight tram lines and six trolley bus lines. This place is the main meeting point in the city centre as well.


On this spot the IMC provides its clients with all kinds of targeted traffic information as well as tourist information on Brno and South Moravian Region. The building was equipped with the necessary facilities for two officers and a sophisticated ticket vending machine offering not only single but also open and season tickets. The computer terminal installed in IMC displays topical information and news interesting for the citizens and visitors alike. It also provides Internet access for the visitors.


Apart from the building of IMC itself there are several other improvements of the public space made for construction in the framework of this measure. Real Time Passenger Information Panels suitable for this historic city centre were developed and then installed into the newly reconstructed Česká and Joštova interchange point (reconstruction was done outside the CIVITAS ELAN framework), new shelters were erected on the stops and the stops themselves were made better accessible for handicapped persons.


Training of the Integrated Mobility Centre staff as well as dissemination of both the new offer and of the measure results is part of this measure.


The installation of IMC and RTIPs as well as related inventory had been delayed for more than a year due to the delay in reconstruction of the Joštova street, which was the prerequisite for the installation. It was finally finished in September 2011 so the IMC could launch its operation on 19th September of the same year as well as the RTIPs. PR campaigns and staff training were delayed for the same reason.


Final results:

The number of visitors - According to the IMC monitoring it was visited by 9,320 clients from its opening in September 2011 till the end of August 2012. The IMC is visited equally by men and women and most of them are in adult age. Almost one fifth of the visitors are from foreign countries. 60% of all the questions these visitors raise are on transport. This proves the need for such services in the city of Brno.





Downloads: Implementation status report on Integrated Mobility Centre (PDF 0,6 MB)