City of Brno participates in the preparation of the project in the field of sustainable urban transport which had been submitted in the call CIVITAS Plus II of the 7th Framework Programme. Coordinator of this effort had been the City of Stuttgart. This project proposal (under the name CIVITAS 2MOVE2) was recommended for implementation by the Programme Committee and the financial subsidy of the European Commission was approved.


Participation in the project 2MOVE2 had been approved by the Brno City Assembly on its session of 5th April 2011, then under the temporary name SUIT - Sustainable Urban Transport. Name of the project was changed during the negotiation phase.


City of Brno participates in the project as a member of the international consortium whose coordinator is the City of Stuttgart (Germany) and other members are the City of Malaga (Spain) and Tel Aviv-Jaffa (Israel). Included are also other cooperating institutions: SSP Consult, Beratende Ingenieure, GmBH (Germany), Brno City Transport Company, Co., University of Stuttgart (Germany) and Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (Israel). Over the course of the project implementation will Brno coordinate its own "local consortium" with two other partners: Brno City Transport Company and Brněnské komunikace, a.s. (Brno Communications)


City of Brno and Brno City Transport Company together drafted eight diverse measures whose descriptions you will find in the other parts of this site.


Overall cost of Brno measures is € 495,865.31with EU subsidy amounting roughly to 57 % of the overall costs, i.e. € 854,620.31and Brno share of € 641,245. € 177,410 is dedicated to the research and development, € 1,188,760 to demonstration activities, € 27,800 to project management and € 101,895.31 to the other costs (i.e. project evaluation and dissemination).


Another chapter of the budget belongs to the measures of Brno City Transport Company. Overall costs are € 765,132.35 and EU share € 386,066.18 which is approximately 50 %.


Total project budget is € 9,112,397.12 €. Final version of the total budget as well as of the respective chapters will be known only after the finalisation of the negotiation procedure and signing of the Grant Agreement between the European Commission and the City of Stuttgart. Estimate implementation period is between December 2012 and November 2016.


Detailed information regarding the CIVITAS Initiative and its history you can find here.