Comprehensive Mobility Dialogue and Marketing research - New Transport Services

City of Brno together with its partners in public transport planning aims at incorporating customers’ needs into its transport planning by means of establishing the mobility dialogue.


This measure builds upon the transport planning work done by the KORDIS JMK (the coordinator of the Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region) in the years before the implementation of CIVITAS ELAN. This transport planned incorporated demographic changes and land use information into transport planning.


The measure developed a flexible procedure of evaluating the information from the “Transport Barometer” and implementing changes according to the results.

Basic data regarding customer needs and opinions were gathered by means of so called “Transport Barometer” survey, which had been conducted on yearly basis by KORDIS JMK and commissioned by the Transport Department of Brno City Municipality already for some time before the start of the CIVITAS ELAN project.

The survey is conducted and analysed at the same time every year, and the results are provided to transport planners to be implemented to the specifications of the yearly transport plan for the next year. Opinions are reflected and trends are evaluated every year so the service can be adjusted closer to the needs of the passengers.


Within the lifetime of the project four surveys and transport plans were prepared




Downloads: Implementation status report on marketing campaign and transport plans (PDF 0,4 MB)