Ticket Vending Machine Diagnostic

DPMB owns 159 tickets vending machines. Before the start of the CIVITAS ELAN project the system of administration and maintenance of vending machines was based on periodical checks by maintenance workers. Checks were done depending on the location of the vending machines more frequently in the centre, but weekly in the suburbs. The information about the conditions of the vending machines (e.g. break down, lack of paper, even stolen machine) was missing.


In order to increase customer satisfaction DPMB introduced ticket vending machine diagnostic by applying GPRS technology in all 159 ticket vending machines. The information about the condition of the ticket vending machines are now automatically send to the control centre, where the online inforamtion are available. When the problem occurs, the maitanance staf is send to solve it.

In comparison to conditions before, the new GPRS technology helps to restore all functions of ticket machines faster for a better service to passengers and to optimise operation costs and revenues.


Final results:

  1. Decreased number of defects - this indicator has dropped by half since the measure implementation, so the target of decreasing by 10% was exceeded. DPMB and the ticket vending machine manufacturer try to adapt the software so the vending machine can solve the most frequent and easy defects by itself.
  2. Decreased dead time of vending machine - after the implementation of the measure, the indicator has fallen by one third or by 15hours.




Downloads: Implementation status report on pilot project (PDF 1,7 MB)