Common measures CIVITAS ELAN - Planning of intermodal interchanges

Unlike other measures implemented in this project this one focuses namely on the exchange of experience and good practice in the field of intermodal interchanges planning in public transport. And it was prepared in cooperation with all ELAN cities.

Intermodal interchanges are places where the modes of transport are changed during one journey. It is, for example, changing between various modes of city public transport (tram, trolleybus) or changing between city public transport and train, bicycle or car.
Two workshops were held as part of this measure and a sociological survey took place in all participating cities focusing on the use of intermodal interchanges and the satisfaction of passengers.
Inhabitants in all CIVITAS ELAN project cities, Brno, Ljubljana, Gent, Zagreb and Porto, use intermodal interchanges for their journeys as they enable them to change the mode of transport.
Number of inhabitants (in %) using intermodal interchanges in CIVITAS ELAN project cities. (source: Sociological survey “Comparison of Sociological Survey Results”)
CIVITAS ELAN project cities are currently dealing with the construction of intermodal interchanges.
In Brno, an example of a major intermodal interchange is the new railway station EUROPOINT part of which will be a bus terminal and public transport stops.
Visualisation of the EUROPOINT – Brno project (source:
However, there are a number of smaller intermodal interchanges in Brno, such as the terminal at Bystrc - ZOO, the interchange in Mendlovo náměstí or the Lesná station. Parts of the above-mentioned EUROPOINT project are several railway interchanges.
Visualisation of the Sava-North interchange terminal (source: City of Zagreb)
Similarly, in Zagreb (Croatia) there are several intermodal interchanges (e. g. Glavni kolodvor, Črnomerec, Dubrava) which are usually situated at the end of tram or bus lines where passengers can change to a train, taxi or bicycle.
A study for a modern intermodal terminal Sava – North was executed as part of the CIVITAS ELAN project. This terminal will facilitate the interchange between railway, buses, trams and taxis. P&R and B&R parking areas will be provided as well.
Also in Ljubljana (Slovenia) the key intermodal interchanges are the major train and bus stations, bus terminals and the P&R system Dolgi most. There is 9 more P&R planned in Ljubljana city and more than 20 in the Ljubljana urban region. Cycling is an important part of intermodality in Ljubljana.
Visualisation of the Ljubljana Passenger centre (source: City of Ljubljana)
The city of Porto (Portugal) concentrated on building an intermodal interchange in Asprela, an area which is the medical centre of Porto and also an area with a high concentration of universities. The intermodal interchange will facilitate changing between public transport, cycling and P&R system.
Gent Sint-Pieters project information point (source: City of Gent)
Similarly to Brno, in Gent (Belgium) part of the Gent Sint- Pieters station is the creating of a new intermodal interchange bringing together railway and public transport and, of course, cycling. The project will become a gate to modern Gent.
This measure enabled the presentation of projects for the construction of intermodal interchanges which are being prepared in CIVITAS ELAN cities. The objective of this measure was to create a platform for an exchange of experience, namely in the field of the intermodal interchanges functioning, their services and information for passengers. An important aspect was the exchange of experience and good practice in the field of citizen participation in the intermodal interchanges planning process.
As part of the implementation of measures in 2011 – 2012, a sociological survey took place in all CIVITAS ELAN cities focusing on the satisfaction with intermodal interchanges and the awareness of the intermodal interchanges planning process.

You can find the results and a comparison of findings from Brno, Gent, Ljubljana, Porto and Zagreb here.

CIVITAS ELAN project seminar, Brno 15.01. 2009 (source: Statutory City of Brno)
The CIVITAS ELAN project consists of the research and implementation phase and apart from the Statutory City of Brno and Brno Public Transport Company there are partners from there are partners from four other European cities (Ljubljana, Zagreb, Porto and Gent).
The CiViTAS (CIty-VITAlity-Sustainability) initiative whose maxim is “cleaner and better transport in cities” is co-financed by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development and its goal is to test innovative strategies for clean and sustainable transport in cities.