About the Civitas ELAN project

CIVITAS ELAN project consist of five cities: Brno (Czech Republic), Ghent (Belgium), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Porto (Portugal) and Zagreb (Croatia).


Cities involved in the ELAN project intend to support citizen participation into the transport solutions planning and realization in all the stages of the measures.

Motto of the ELAN project is "to ‘mobilise’ our citizens working with them to develop clean mobility solutions for vital cities, ensuring health and access for all." That is why the citizens, their needs and expectations are on the first place.




CIVITAS ELAN cities (Brno, Ghent, Ljubljana, Porto and Zagreb) have a lot of common characteristics:
• middle sized cities with strong identity, rich cultural heritage and high quality public space,
• dynamic cities with large proportion of citizens being students and thus with creativity and and ability to answer the future challenges; cities have approximately 300.000 inhabitants,
• large projects and their implementation in various phases is an issue in the cities (railway station reconstruction, brownfield regeneration).


There are 69 measures prepared in the framework of the CIVITAS ELAN project, which are divided into 8 work packages according to the policy fields of the CIVITAS Plus Call.

Almost 40 partners participate on the implementation.

Overall budget of 28.600.000 € includes 17.850.000 € of EU co-funding.


CIVITAS ELAN project in Brno


City of Brno participates on the CIVITAS ELAN project together with a City of Brno Transport Company (Dopravní podnik města Brna, a.s).

Over the four years six measures were realised in the framework of the CIVITAS ELAN project, three by the City of Brno and three measures by the DPMB, a.s.

Overall budget for their implementation amounts more than €1.850.000 € where maximum grant of the EC is 965.000 €.


Brno´s measures are focused on the support of the public transportation.

One of them is the Integrated Mobility Centre - information stall where both the citizens and the tourists have the opportunity to get the information concerning transportation, plan their trips and also buy their tickets. The vending machine is there as well.

Series of seminars concerning the intermodal infrastructure planning and attended by the partner cities representatives and external experts were organized by city of Brno.

In the framework of the CIVITAS ELAN project a dialogue with the passengers was held. Its goal is to recognize needs and requirements of the passengers.

Measures of the Transport Company are focused on the improving of the quality of the city public transport services.

Optimized Energy Consumption lead to decrease of the energy consumption without any negative effects on the side of passengers.

New control system which automatically signals the malfunction to the control centre was installed into the vending machines. Thus the repairs is sped up and comfort of the service offered to the passengers will be increased.

New low - floor minibuses whith special design made to operate on the special lines for the handicapped citizens were introduced in the framework of the CIVITAS project as well.



Final brochure of the project you can find here.


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