Visitors of the Integrated Mobility Centre

As you thanks to our website already know, Integrated Mobility Centre (IMC) welcomed in January 2012 its 3,000th visitor. On Monday, 12th of March, i.e. less than half a year since its launch, it was visited by the client no. 4,000.

And what are the visitors of the Integrated Mobility Centre like?

Most of them are Czech (92.5%) but nearly one in thirteen of the IMC in Brno is international. It had been visited by the 299 foreign language speaking so far, most of them using English. Other language groups and nationalities are represented as well, though. Among them even Japan, as you can see on the chart no. 1.

With the start of the tourist season we expect that the number of both national and international tourists visiting IMC will rise gradually.

Chart no. 1: language affiliation of the foreigners who visited IMC (as of 12th March 2012)
Source: Monitoring by the IMC emplyees


As far as the age distribution of the Brno IMC visitors is concerned, most of them (83.6%) are of productive age. The second most widely represented is the group of senior visitors with approx. 10% share on  the total number of clients. We are sorry a bit that there is no large interest in the IMC services among the young people so far. However, we would like to change this situation and that's because why we already commenced the communication with the universities and offered the IMC services. 

IMC is visited by women approximately as often as by men; they make 50.4% and men remaining 49.6%.

And what kind of advice got those more than 4,000 visitors of the Integrated Mobility Centre in Brno?

Most of their questions had been unsurprisingly related to the field of transportation (nearly 73%); visitors had been interested in the public transport in Brno, Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region, cycling and walking transportation, boat trips and individual transportation or they asked for help to choose the right connection or fare tariff. Emplyees of the Integrated Mobility Centre answered also the questions related to the tourist destinations in Brno and the region as well as cultural events in the city. For detailed overview of the types of provided information see the chart no. 2.


Chart no. 2: Overview of the types of enquiries of the IMC visitors (as of 12th March 2012)
Source: Monitoring by the IMC emplyees


Number of visitors of the Integrated Mobility Centre as well as the questions of all the incoming clients are closely followed by the emplyees of the Centre as well as by the Evaluation Manager of the CIVITAS ELAN project. Collected data enable to identify what citizens are using the IMC services and what kind of questions they ask most often. This helps us to improve and widen the service offered by the Integrated Mobility Centre.

One of the newly prepared services is e.g. cooperation with the Civic Association "Autonapůl", i.e. organisation offering services related to carsharing.

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